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our story


We get that your hair is your crowning glory, that you want to feel beautiful, confident and sexy.

We get that you don't have endless hours to spend taming your hair.

We get that you’d rather be conquering the world than another bad hair day.

We get you, because we're just like you!

We're Sheryl and Michelle, two long-suffering members of the unruly hair brigade driven by our clear vision to honour, elevate and empower. We are delighted to introduce you to bhave - an iconic Australian collection of daily hair essentials created just for you.

We have taken our passion and used it to create a range of premium hair care products that stimulate your senses and revitalise your locks. We collaborate with like-minded international and local professionals to create luxurious products infused with sophisticated fragrances and dressed in striking packaging that delivers on our promise with truly remarkable results.

Live your life on your terms with the confidence of well behaved hair.

bhave - your hair, your life, your rules!


(yoga & wine guru)


(exercise & tea addict)





Glowing healthy hair is at the forefront of all the products we create.

When your hair is healthy, styling is easy, your colour lasts longer, it feels better, it grows faster, is more manageable, stronger and more resistant to damage, frizz and flyaways. 

We are all about taking the time to carefully select active, functional working ingredients that help repair and restore even the most damaged hair.

We're inspired by our love and passion to deliver truly remarkable products that result in gorgeous head-turning hair days for you.

Yours in beautiful hair


(the big picture guy & creative/technical honcho)