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Date Night Hairstyles (For Confidence, Sass & Romance)

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So, you’ve met a cutie, or maybe you’ve been doing the digital to-and-fro, and you’ve landed a date - congratulations! Now, it’s time to get down to business.

Getting ready for your date shouldn’t be about trying to impress your date - it’s about making you feel like a gosh darn Queen, so you can shine and show the lucky guy or gal how incredible you are.

But the questions still beg - what to wear, what perfume to go for, and the big one: how to do your hair. As always tribe we’re here to help you out with a collection of our favourite date night hairstyles!


image via pinterest

Perfect for: The Belle of the Ball

You know you deserve to be treated like a princess, so you should look like one too! Get your Disney style curl on, jump in your pumpkin and head out to meet your Prince Charming.

How to:

The Prep:

First thing’s first, we recommend that you kick off this look with some deep hydration and nourishment that will create some natural body, before you even start styling, with bhave shampoo and conditioner, after that, add in some volumising foam and riot control oil to bring volume and shine that just won’t quit.

The Style:

What’s a fairytale without a Magic Wand? Now it’s time to use yours - your curling wand! Simply grab small sections of hair, and wrap them around the wand away from your face. When all your hair has been curled, run your fingers gently through the curls and work through some gunpowder dust at the roots for that extra texture body.


image via Nina Ricci

Perfect for: The gals that know how to work hard - and play harder

This style will make you feel like the Girl Boss you are while letting you embrace your free spirit.

How to:

The Prep:

Get your hair ready to shine (literally) with bhave’s shampoo and conditioner to hydrate and breathe new life into your locks. For extra sleeky and on-fleeky hair, we recommend running some luscious leave-in creme or fresh ends evenly through your hair.

The Style:

Pop your hair into a sleek pony with the help of sleek pomade for that sultry vibe. For some extra shine distribute a small amount of riot control oil through the length of your hair. Simply, wrap up the rest of your hair into a bun and pin it down with some bobbies. For extra party vibes, add a ribbon or a scrunchie.

For more bun styles check out our recent blog dedicated to the versatile and always stunning bun!


image via

Perfect for: Our sophisticated Queens

You’re classy, and smooth - and so is this hairstyle!

How to:

The Prep:

Throw on some pump-up tunes and jump in the shower with a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Then, evenly distribute a combo of riot control oil and super nova elixir spray on towel dried hair for a do which will glow as much as you do!

The Style:

Whether you’re a naturally curly curl or you already have straight locks, to get the super sleek and fierce look grab out the straightener and work your magic. Finish off with fresh ends to lock in shine, eliminate any frizz and flyaways, and nourish those ends to repair split ends. 


image via

Perfect for: Our sassy ladies

You were Beyonce in another life, and you’re just a little bit extra, so go out and kill em’ with this bodacious bouffant.

How to:

The Prep:

Bigger is better, so get your boost on with our shampoo and conditioner. For that extra bang, tousle through some volumising foam and riot control oil on towel dried hair and finally, once hair is dry, finish it all off with a few pumps of gunpowder dust near your roots.

The Style:

The first step is to take all the hair within about 3cms of your hairline, and hold it up. Then, grab a comb and tease the underside of the hair depending on how big you want your ‘boof’. Next let it down, boost it up and pin it in place. To finish off the look, do some smoothing over with flex styling paste and you’re good to go, girl!

With your hair killing it in one of our go-to date night looks, and you feeling yourself with the confidence beaming off, there is no doubt you’ll be walking away with a second date because it’s your hair, your life, your rules!

bhave xx