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how to bhave this self-improvement September

We all know “Tina the Talking Tummy”, “Cellulite Sally” and our most hated acquaintance “Frieda the Frizzy Hot Mess” who is responsible for our bad hair days, but what are we doing to show them the door once and for all? At bhave we’re all about embracing our individuality, living our lives by our own rules, by our own ideas of [...]

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7 Things That Can Change The Texture Of Your Hair

bhave babes! Everyone wants to last longer and perform better but no matter how hard we try nothing ever lasts forever, unless fate wills it to. Fashion lines often only last a season, whilst hair trends come and go, so how do we cope with all this change? Hair can be a chaotic mistress changing in health and manageability [...]

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What’s the difference between Keratin Smoothing and Permanent Straightening?

bhave babes! What is stopping you from becoming a Smooth Criminal? We’re often spoiled for choice with salon professional hair treatments guaranteeing results you can see - after you pay the money to get the treatment done in the first place of course… We’re here to school you on the difference between a Keratin Smoothing Therapy and Permanent Straightening so [...]

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The top 3 hair crimes that are causing your bad hair day

Have you been on a diet but always found chocolate in your basket during your weekly shop? Have you been keen on someone but text them just one too many times (honestly why don’t people appreciate follow up texts every five to ten minutes - it’s cute right?) We’ve all been there ladies - we swear self-sabotage should be [...]

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The top 5 most hated facial features we can’t help but love!

Do you have a big nose? A bum chin? A forehead large enough to lease? What if we were to tell you we find those features incredibly spellbinding? At bhave we can’t bring ourselves to discriminate! We love all things big, small, straight and curved… We celebrate diversity enabling beauty to come in all shapes and sizes. Many of us [...]

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How to cut to the chase when facing a chop.

Going for a haircut can be like dropping your favourite Jeffree Star highlighter only to pick it up and discover that the world hates you. It’s one thing for life to ruin our days with work and the need to do laundry, but it’s a whole other issue when it decides to crack the perfect pressed powder that you’ve relied [...]

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How To Speak In Colour So Your Colourist Understands What You’re After

You may know that red and yellow makes orange, but do you know how to speak in colour? Last week we shared 10 steps to being fluent in “hairdresser” and this week we’re taking it that one step further! No one wants to go to a salon in search of natural babylights and leave with a full head of balayage. [...]

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10 Steps To Being Fluent In “Hairdresser”

“Parlez-vous coiffeur? Do you speak hairdresser?”In our opinion a bad haircut is just as painful as a break up! You invest time and money into making yourself feel good, for it all to come crashing down due to your inability to speak their language. Last week we wrote about how to find your “NBS” - new best stylist and whilst we [...]

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5 steps to finding the right hairstylist for you

Here at bhave we have major commitment issues - boys, diets, exercise…we always want to live by our own rules! This rebellious nature always comes with its perks, though we will always bend our knees for the perfect hairstylist. We’ve all dived into that abyss of uncertainty only to walk out with a colour gone wrong, as if we were [...]

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Treading on thin ice - how to disguise hair thinning.

It can often feel like a never-ending struggle to try to make fine, limp and thinning hair look big and fabulous. It’s a cruel trick of nature that as we age, we find ourselves in a constant battle to prolong the life-cycle of our precious hair, though the odds are often against us.There are many culprits involved in [...]

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