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The Party Season Survival Plan - How NOT To Burn Out

Make sure you’re still ready to party like it’s 1999 by New Years EveThe party season is officially here but there are still a few weeks before we hit NYE so we’ll break it down for you to help pace yourself throughout the silly season, bhave style!There’s the work Christmas party that you still need to find the perfect, appropriate-yet-still-nice outfit [...]

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The History Of The Hairbrush

We all know daily brushing makes your hair healthier, shinier and glossier but did you know this humble everyday item has been around since ancient times? Okay they possibly used sticks, rocks and shells to untangle their messy mops, so perhaps we should proclaim a national holiday for Lyda Newman! While she wasn’t the original inventor of the hairbrush, [...]

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Advanced Mathematics...The Shampoo Grid

CONFUSED ABOUT WHICH SHAMPOO TO USE?With hundreds of hair care products on the market, it’s hard to choose one that’s right for you. There’s often confusion about which hair care product will suit your hair’s needs especially if you have hard to manage or unruly hair like us bhave girls once had, and that’s why we created our salon [...]

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Great Hair At Every Age!

From long luscious curls to the sharp bob, many women of all ages ask “will this cut or colour suit me?” Women often fear they’re too old for a particular hairstyle or that greys add the years. It’s time to change the way we think and be as free as our hair. Some women are blessed with naturally thick [...]

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Straight vs Wavy or Curly

Some are blessed, some have to work a little bit harder..It’s the saying we have all heard a million times before, we all want what we don't have. It could be the cute freckles on your bestie’s nose that you wish were yours, and for a reason you don't understand, she always seems to cover them with concealer. Or, [...]

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Fashion Comes And Goes, Style Is Timeless!

Beauty regrets… we’ve all been there! Whether it be plucking your eyebrows a little too thin or applying that extra layer of fake tan that turned you into an Oompa-Loompa for that special event however many years ago. It’s happened with our hair too, let’s not forget Christina Aguilera’s platinum blonde hair with black streaks that we thought would [...]

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Say "OH YES" To The Perfect Dress

It’s an exciting time, your night of nights, and you know everyone will be talking about it for months! Who had the best gown? How beautiful did everyone look? Whose blowy had you begging for more… answers like “where did she get it done? Who was the miracle worker?” Not to mention the social media influx of formal pics! [...]

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Make People Stare With Your 2017 Spring Carnival Hair

Our team at bhave can’t get enough of “Spring Flings” this year and nothing says “Spring Fling” more than the relationship a bhaver has with their Melbourne Spring Carnival outfit! - It’s our time to shine and five separate outfits are totally justifiable…right?So you’ve got your race day tickets, the perfect outfit (or five! - we really can’t be the only ones surely?), but are [...]

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Leave it in! The secret to longer, healthier…hair!

Do you dream of a product that will help you last longer and feel sexier between salon visits? We’re beginning to sound a lot like a late night TV commercial, but oh bhavers do we have a product for you!If you’re not already using a leave-in crème, then today is the day to start! Rather than repairing your hair [...]

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how to be on your best “bhaviour” in a strapless dress

Like the thousands of bobby pins that have disappeared never to be seen again on your bedroom floor, the perfect dress can be i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e to find! “Is it the right colour?”, “Does it fit in all the right places?”, and “Should you have gone with the strapless?” are just the beginning to the concerns that often begin to grow in [...]

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