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Cowlicks! Everything you didn’t know about them (and what to do about it!)

That annoying hair condition you’ve most likely got, never knew what is was and what to do about it… the dreaded cowlick.A cowlick is that annoying (frustrating as hell!) clump of hair that grows in the opposite direction to the rest of your hair. No, It’s not when you’re actually being licked by a cow… We know you thought [...]

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Salon Spotlight - Margit Aaron Studio

Today's salon spotlight flies across the seas to the stunning Margit Aaron Studio in the heart of Los Angeles. Share a little of what you love about your salon My salon has 4 chairs for cutting/styling, 3 color chairs in our color room, allowing our guests to enjoy color/chemical services without having to look into mirrors, it also allows us to double book. [...]

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Random Acts of Kindness Day

How many good deeds did you do today? Maybe you helped an elderly person cross the street or pick up a five dollar note that escaped the hands of a quivering eskimo. Didn’t do anything at all? Well, you can redeem yourself on 17 February for Random Acts of Kindness Day!Random Acts of Kindness originated from our friends across the [...]

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Valentines Day - Our Favourite Couples With Great Hair!

It’s one of the most-loved days of the year because we get to spoil ourselves and our partners, just because! Whether you embrace Valentine’s Day or not, we say it’s great to think of it as a day to appreciate yourself and that includes your fabulous hair!This Valentine’s Day we’ve decided to appreciate our favourite couples and their gorgeous locks and [...]

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Style Killers! Hairs Worst Enemies (and how to fight them)

Our poor hair - it gets a hard deal sometimes doesn’t it? We’ll admit that yes, maybe at times we haven’t treated it as best as we should. We’re sorry for burning you, cutting you, tying you up and that perm we thought was a great idea… Oops. Then there’s all the things we can’t protect it from, like mother [...]

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Back To Work 2018

Australia Day is done and dusted and for us Aussies that means no long weekends for a while… Well, there’s Easter and Anzac day but then nothing until at least June! It really is a hard life here in Oz!Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who’s been enjoying an extended break or you’ve slowly been easing back into it [...]

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Glowing Reviews At The 2018 Critic's Choice Awards

Awards season is in full swing and we have loved all the gorgeous looks on the red carpet so far!This year’s Critics’ Choice Awards were no different, there was certainly no shortage of talent and beauty and we had the absolute pleasure of supplying bhave goodies to one of Hollywood’s finest, Golden Globe nominees, Alison Brie, also known as Ruth [...]

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With stars standing in support of the #metoo movement - the colour black took over the first red carpet event this awards season, bringing with it style and sass in solidarity. If you thought an almost black-dress code was going to make our favourite stylish stars drop their A-game you’re mistaken. Killer hairstyles, flawless make-up looks and more glamorous [...]

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New Year...New Hair...New You!

A New Year is the perfect time to take stock, make changes, start afresh or just enhance and appreciate what’s already there! As we fast approach 2018 we start to think of all the opportunities that lay ahead… What goals we want to set for ourselves, whether it be health and fitness goals (which we may pick up [...]

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2017...The Hair Year In Review (Part Two)

Our Top Picks for Cuts and Styles in 2017The year has nearly drawn to a close and while we cannot WAIT for what’s to come in 2018, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect upon some of our fave cuts and styles in 2017 that we are more than happy to take into our new year.SHAGADELIC: THE MODERN SHAG [...]

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