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Hair Taking Flight - The Best Hairstyles For Those Long Haul Flights

Who said that long-haul travel should come at the cost of good hair? Certainly not us! We love to travel, but we also love to have stylish and healthy hair, and we’ve found out that you can, in fact, have it all. Here are just a few of our favourite styles and tips on how to remain lush and [...]

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Blondes, Get That Shine Like Brunettes!

Everyone that says ‘Blondes have more fun’ clearly hasn’t been a blonde battling with dry, lacklustre hair. Lightening those tresses can send your strands into a world of damage, meaning that blonde hair really does need a little bit more TLC. Whilst the sight of lush, shiny, brunette hair might have previously sent us blondes into hiding, or contemplating [...]

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Hair Colours We Are Dying Over

We are one fabulous and colourful tribe, and changing up our locks is never far from mind! Do we try a new colour or cut, add length or dare to chop it off, or do we simply change up our styling? Hair is always on the mind! One thing we love to experiment with is colour, and whether you’re [...]

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VMAs Recap: The Looks We Loved

The VMAs are one of the more crazier and eccentric red carpets of the awards season, and we absolutely love it! Perfection without fault is replaced with personality and flare and we live for it.Apart from the personalities and characters we love to spot, the looks we see strutting down the red carpet have us in a screenshotting frenzy. This [...]

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Date Night Hairstyles (For Confidence, Sass & Romance)

So, you’ve met a cutie, or maybe you’ve been doing the digital to-and-fro, and you’ve landed a date - congratulations! Now, it’s time to get down to business. Getting ready for your date shouldn’t be about trying to impress your date - it’s about making you feel like a gosh darn Queen, so you can shine and show the [...]

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Hints, Tips And Tricks...More Industry Secrets To Spill!

We love to bring the insight of industry professionals to our tribe because these hair gurus really have all the hair secrets… and it just so happens that we’re terrible at keeping secrets! Well this month we have more secrets to spill because we were lucky enough to sit down with Emma, AKA Master of the Hair Universe, for [...]

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Hair That bhave's Day to Night!

Clocking off work and planning to meet the ladies in 30, but instead of jumping in that Uber to try and make it for happy hour, you find yourself battling with your hair in the confines of the office toilet cubicle… sound familiar to anyone? We’ve all been there, and tribe we’re here to tell you that you can [...]

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5 Ways To Make Your Buns Look Hot!

We know what you’re thinking… you were expecting squats right? Well, we have something even better, a blog all about the buns you have on display for everyone. Yep, the ones on your head!Last week was all about the braid, and our love of the classics continues this week with one of the most popular hair trends, the bun! [...]

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Braids, The True MVP

You’ve seen the braid come up a few times in our latest blogs and we’ve decided it’s time to fully show our appreciation and dedicate a whole blog to these beauties! We love braids because they are versatile, they’re always changing and evolving, but also remain eternally classic, and most importantly can save us on a bad hair day! So, [...]

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5 Tips To Longer Hair

Growing a long luscious mane is a hair goal for most of us, but unfortunately the reality is that it is a process and those locks won’t happen overnight. On average hair grows about half an inch a month, at MAX, and when taking into account health, genetics and many other lifestyle factors there is no set timeline one [...]

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