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bhave Keratin Smoothing - What To Expect!

Frequent blow drying, hot tool styling, season changes, and our love for the outdoors and exercise (only some of us on that last one?) can lead to stressed out strands and a case of permanent frizz! Hair manageability goes out the window and so do the dreams of having hair like Blake Lively.But don’t despair tribe, our keratin smoothing treatments [...]

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Rescue Therapy - Will It Really Save My Hair?

Flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, bleach, hair dye… we know they don’t do our locks any good but we take the risk anyway for that temporary hair glory! Eventually the constant exposure to these elements can leave our tresses looking damaged, and overrun with split ends, frizz and breakage. ‘Fried’ if you will… and not the golden crispy [...]

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Curly Hair: How To...

Curly Hair: How To…Curly hair comes in many different shapes and sizes, and sometimes it even seems like each individual ringlet has its own unique individual quality! Some days that curly hair just won’t be tamed, so styling it is a mission we prefer to save our arms from. However, despair no longer as this one is for those curly [...]

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Hair Care Myth Busting!

Hair Care Myth Busting!Hair challenges affect us all, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got Rapunzel locks or a textured pixie, we all have our hair battles! Many of us will go to great lengths to battle our hair frustrations and try almost anything to get those gorgeous healthy locks. We listen to tips from our family, friends, hairdressers and even [...]

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Winter Hair Survival Guide

It’s the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere, and we can't exactly say that we’re all that happy about it. Our hair is prone to damage from external factors such as heat, humidity and pollution, and unfortunately there is no exception when it comes to the cold. Fresh winter winds and plummeting temperatures can cause stress to [...]

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Which Styling Product Should You Use?

How many of us have spent hours in front of the mirror curling our hair for those curls to just drop a few steps out the door? How many more have straightened their hair only to be patting down the frizz all day long? We have heard all your cries and frustrations, and tribe the suffering is over; it’s [...]

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Tantalising Transformations

We all love a jaw-dropping before and after picture. From dorky pre-celebrity shots, with braces and frizzy hair, to becoming ultimate red carpet glam. We just can’t help but ogle at (and crave) whatever magic has caused these transformations. But the most magical before and after shots are the ones with only a few hours between the before and [...]

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Supporting St Kilda Mums this May

We’re crossing over into May, and as the weather gets colder and the memories of Easter chocolates begin to fade, we may find ourselves longing for the season of giving, that is December. But why wait? With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to give back to the women in our lives that have given us the most. [...]

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Take Your Blonde Temperature

It’s time to take out our blonde thermostat and discover some of our favourite blonde temperatures. There’s almost a whole colour wheel of blonde shades, from the coolest platinums, to the warmth of caramels and heat of liquid gold. No matter what temperature you are, you have to take the right steps to maintain your luscious locks and keep it [...]

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Hints, Tips and Tricks...more trade secrets from those in the know!

Hints, Tips and Tricks … more trade secrets from those in the know!WHY is my hair always SO on fleek after leaving the salon? And HOW do I get it to look and feel like this all day, er’ day?We’re glad you asked! In this series we gather the best kept secrets from bhave’s family of top stylists, [...]

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