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Curls gone wild - part 1

Embrace your curls. They are beautiful and full of life, just like you!Have you ever wondered what life would be like “if only” your curls didn’t sit that way? Perhaps you’ve spent your life in one big debacle between you and a straightening device, or maybe you’re just looking for ways to add a little va-va-voom?We know it’s not all [...]

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Change is in the (h)air

“Change is good”, said someone, somewhere - and we couldn’t agree more. Changes can represent challenges, closing chapters and new beginnings!And what better way to mix things up than rocking a new do? We’re big believers that a change to your hair is often the result of a change in your life, and we’re here to help you [...]

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Oily hair don't care...said no girl ever!

We’re all familiar with the scenario; wash hair, dry hair, feel frustrated with the unclean appearance of hair, wash hair. Repeat.No matter how hard you try to avoid it, your hair always winds up feeling like it belongs in a McDonald’s Happy Meal, more than it does to your head. How can hair get oilier [...]

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The real secret to achieving salon style locks

We are all too familiar with the struggles many men and women face trying to replicate their hairstyles following a trip to the salon. For many the decline begins when they strut out the salon door empty handed feeling and looking like Gods gorgeous gift to the world, and ends with a stroll down the [...]

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Salon Spotlight - Rakis on Collins

Today’s salon spotlight sparkles on and the incredible crew at Rakis on Collins, a premier hair salon right in the heart of Melbourne city. Their outstanding service and style has won them over 100 awards in their 33-year history – we couldn’t be prouder!share a little of what you love about your salon:I love my [...]

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How to grow out your fringe/bangs and skip that awkward “in-between” phase

The journey of growing out your bangs can leave you feeling and looking like a hot mess, but when you finally get it right - damn, it feels good! There’s that stage in every girl’s life where we decide to make the chop and rock the bangs for a while, but what happens when we [...]

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Why you need to protect your hair from heat

Flat irons, curling tongs and blow dryers, where would we be without them? They bring style to our locks and confidence to our hair days, but as much as we love their results they’re also hard on our hair. This is where heat protectants and some simple guidelines are worth their weight in gold.Your [...]

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How to unleash the magic of your curls

If you spend more time frustrated with your curls than in love with them this post is for you. You might have forgotten that girls with curls are the envy of all the straight haired girls out there. We want to remind you that, even though they may drive you mad, your curls are a [...]

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How to have a happy scalp and healthy hair

It’s easy to focus on the health of your hair. It’s right there in front of you, showing you how it’s feeling on a daily basis, but your scalp is hidden under your locks and like they say, out of sight out of mind. While we can all be a little guilty of ignoring [...]

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Amazing results and revealing reviews of bhave keratin smoothing - Part 4

If you are considering getting your keratin smoothing on and you are in the research phase you might like to see how it has worked on other clients and read some feedback. We love that about you – anything worth having is worth a bit of time and research right?In that spirit we are also [...]

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