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Our Ultimate Guide To Holiday Hair

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      So, you’ve got your tickets booked, your itinerary set and you’re slightly overweight (not you, your bag limit!) but you’re not ready to go just yet. Before you jet set you need to get set with the best hairstyles for travelling so you can look and feel your best on holiday! Isn’t that what everybody wants?

      We know how hard it is to have great hair on holiday - and with this guide, you’ll be hair-flippin’ and feelin’ fab every day without wasting your time with a straightener in a dingy hotel bathroom (no thanks) or a nice luxe hotel, if that’s how you roll!

      Without further ado, we have sifted through our endless lists of hairstyles to pick out the top hairstyle for each type of holiday. Whether you’ll be lounging around sipping margaritas, or you’re going to be climbing mountains all day - we have just the hairstyle for you and your getaway.

      Shopping in LA

      Let’s kick it off our list with a classic. Holla to our city slickers. We know you’re more interested in sourcing unique, international fashion and sipping a red or a ‘Cup of Joe’ than adventuring into the wild. But, if you’re going to be trotting the streets of LA alongside Jennifer Aniston and the Kardashians, you need to be prepared.

      We recommend easy, but fabulous, tousled waves - without a curler or a straightener (game-changing, we know).

      Img via Pinterest

        To pull off this look:

        1. You need to make sure your hair is ready to shine with the stars by prepping it with bhave’s range of nourishing shampoos and conditioners.
        2. Next, throw in some volumising foam while your hair is still damp.
        3. Speaking of damp, before the LA sun dries off your locks, you're going to want to take your hair in little segments (about the same amount you would take at a time to curl it), and twist it around. Hold it like this with one hand, and with the other grab your hotel-supplied hair dryer and blow dry the section. When you let it go you will be left with a gorgeous, natural twist.
        4. Do this with all your hair, then pump some gunpowder dust, loosen the curls and scrunch at the route to achieve effortless texture and body.

      Poolside in Bali

      Cheap cocktails, incredible food and long days tanning in the sun. Sounds like our kinda holiday! But we know how difficult it can be to look incredible when you’re in ultimate relaxation mode - don’t worry, we have your back, babe.

      For our beaching babes, we recommend an effortless half-up, half-down top knot. This will keep your hair out of your face, and looks extra fly with a pair of sunglasses. Simply pull all the hair on the top half of your head into a bun. Even better, for an extra pop of colour, secure the bun with a pretty cloth or a scrunchie. 

      Img via

      TIP: It is important to take proper care of your hair when you spend hours in the sun. To counteract any damage, we recommend using a deep conditioning masque regularly while on your vacay.

      Adventuring in New Zealand

      Rock climbing, bungee jumping and maybe even skydiving - girl, you are brave. To make sure your hair is able to keep up with you, we recommend the classic braid.

      Braids are absolutely famous for being the perfect hat and helmet hairstyle for a reason. There’s no such thing as hat hair when you’re wearing a braid, they will keep the hair out of your face and - here’s the best part - when you take them out after a long day of adventuring, you will have a head full of effortless waves.

      Img via Pinterest

      If you’re not a master of the braid (like many of us!) don’t fret, you can choose the trust plait which will achieve the same result, not to mention a super sexy beachy wave when you take it out and hit the town after your adventure!

      Backpacking in Europe

      A new city every day, late nights and lots of incredible food. If this isn’t living like a Rockstar then we don’t know what is. Whether you’re in Paris, Greece, Germany, or Prague, the bun is an effortless, travel proof hairstyle that will keep you looking fresh. For an added bonus, this hairstyle is also particularly forgiving if it has been a bit too long since you last washed your hair. 

      Img via

      For our backpacking babes, and all our travelling sisters, our travel packs will keep your hair feeling fresh and hydrated as you country hop your heart out. Containing a mini shampooconditionerriot control oilleave-in crème and deep conditioning masque, your hair will be loving the holiday just as much as you.

      Now you’ve got your hair covered, it’s time to get packing - don’t forget your passport and bhave products!

      bhave xx

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