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Music Festival Hairstyles

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If you’ve ever been to a music festival in the last decade (or been scrolling on your Insta while a festival is happening) you’ll know that they’re less about the music and more about the fash-un. It’s a chance to get free and creative with your look, get a bit muddy, and release your everyday stresses through dance ALL. DAY. LONG!

If you’re a regular music festival attendee you’ll know how hard it is to stay looking good from the AM to the PM (sometimes AM of the next day!). This is why we’re coming at you with our four favourite stunning but durable music festival hair-dos, and a few handy tips on how to make them stay all day!


It's somewhere between very hard to impossible to keep your hair looking fresh and funky for a two-day festival. Between the dust, sweat and copious amounts of glitter (you can’t avoid it), it would be impressive if you came home with any clean strands of hair.

This is why the killer combo of braids and a ponytail (or two) is genius!

To avoid the challenge of trying to brush hairspray, glitter and dirt out of your hair, we’ll introduce you to our favourite two-day hair cycle. It goes like this. 


Start off the festival with a simple but funky two-braid look. Whether you go for a French or a Dutch braid, or one or two is your creative license, but make sure it is tight and then decorate it to your heart's desire!


PRO TIP: Wash your hair the day before you braid it for hair that isn't so clean and shiny it will slip right out of the braid. We recommend flex styling paste for extra hold and grip for the perfect braid to get you through!


Here’s where the real magic happens. Keep your day one braids in overnight and then to mix it up on day two, but avoid the hassle of having to find a brand new hairstyle, simply take out the plaits below the nape of your neck for a fresh vibe!

img via: pinterest

PRO TIP: The plaits from the day before will leave you with curly locks, so work with this by tossing through some gun powder dust for extra texture and to minimise any oiliness. Sprinkle glitter as required. 


This might just be our favourite! It’s simply common sense that your hair cannot look anything other than entirely funky if it is laced with some funky colours. We love a bright pink, light blue or ombre of the two. With hair this cool you won’t even need to worry about styling, style is built in!

img via: Pinterest

PRO TIP: Opt for bhave 180 for a vibrant fashion colour, that can be mixed to find your dream shade.


What’s better than one bun? Two… with a bit of glitter!

Join the ranks of Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande with a party bun situation! With your hair in a tight bun you can enjoy the festival without hair all over your face, and you’ll also look super cool and sleek.

We recommend throwing some glitter in your part for a ‘glittery roots’ vibe that screams fresh and fashionable. 

img via: @loveisinthehair_byjanet

PRO TIP: For sleekness that also nourishes your hair, reach for some styling paste to hold in your buns and nourish your hair with argan and olive oils, and aloe vera. Win win!


Now you’ve got the do and are looking fresh. Let’s knuckle down and figure out how to stay looking fresh all day long.

Tip 1: Wash your hair the day before the event, not the day of. We all know the frustration of hair so clean hair won’t stick in any do. After you’ve washed your hair, use some frizz control crème to protect your hair from humidity and make it smooth and manageable.

Tip 2: Texture! Texture will give your hair that extra staying power and your go-to is going to be gun powder dust. Gun powder dust acts like a dry shampoo, but better. It will eliminate excess oil and refresh hair between washes, but will also add texture that can be reactivated with a quick scrunch.

Tip 3: Don’t touch! Once you’re happy with your hairstyle, keep your hands off. Playing with the do will make it come out, or flatten or fall apart - all absolute no-nos!

So, enjoy the festival, dance your little heart out, and remember to bhave as it’s your hair, your life, your rules!

bhave xx

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