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How To Win The War Against Hair Loss

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If you find yourself waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of a nightmare about hair loss - we can relate. Your hair is your crown and you need to protect it, but there are so many threats to our hair strength that most don’t even know about. Luckily we’ve got your back, dear tribe.

When it comes to hair loss, prevention is the first step. But even better than prevention is prevention and a cure. That is why we’ve put together an ultimate list of our favourite hair loss preventions and cures. So, throw on a hair masque, grab a cuppa and join us as we give you the low-down on how to win the war against losing your precious locks.


Silk Pillow Cases

When it comes to the war on hair breakage, cotton pillowcases might just be our greatest defence. By rolling around on a rough surface all night you’re subjecting your hair to around 7 - 9 hours of teasing and torture (yes, even your beautiful linen sheets can wreak havoc on your strands!). We highly recommend swapping your stock standard pillowcase out for a silk or satin alternative for smooth and strong locks. You can find them at your favourite beauty stores or online. Matty Samaei, Real Housewives of Sydney star, has her very own brand of silk and satin pillowcases that we love!

Chill Your Dos

As much as we love sleek buns and high pony’s, it’s time to opt for more gentle dos. Leave your tight styles for special occasions and treat your hair to freedom. Choose gentle plaits, loose ponytails or complete hair liberation by leaving it down.

PRO TIP: Sleeping with your hair up is a BIG no-no. Opt for either a loose plait or leave it completely down!

Cool Down On The Heat

We all enjoy a good session with a straightener and hairdryer, but it’s time to STOP and embrace the more natural us. Heat is your hair’s worst nightmare, so where possible leave your straighteners and curlers turned off and style those locks without heat. Also, try to avoid blow drying your hair when it is still dripping wet. Let it air dry for 20 minutes, then jump in with the hairdryer.

Over washing

There’s something exciting about having freshly washed hair - but it’s not an excitement we need to feel every day - and your hair will love a break too. Try and wash your hair maximum twice a week to allow the natural oils to nourish your hair, and - you guessed it - prevent breakage and hair loss.


Deep conditioning

 lot of hair breakage is a result of having dry, brittle hair. To counteract this, we recommend a hair masque once a week. Simply leave bhave’s deep conditioning masque in your hair for 20 minutes to repair damaged hair, boost shine and improve strength. Prepare to notice huge differences in the quality of your hair! Don’t forget to condition after rinsing out the masque to seal those cuticles down.

The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Good hair starts with good hair care, and good hair care starts with the products you use most often - shampoo and conditioner. If you’re already experiencing hair breakage and loss, strengthen those locks from the roots and nourish your scalp with bhave’s scalp shampoo and watch your hair loss nightmares become a thing of the past. If you’re worried about breakage and the quality of your hair opt for rescue repair shampoo and conditioner for a moisture surge that will nourish and repair your locks.

No Parabens or Sulphates

If you haven’t heard of parabens and sulphates before, you need to read our recent blog about these two rascals, because the consensus is - we don’t like them, and neither does your skin and hair! All of our products are free from parabens and sulphates, making them the perfect hair care to help avoid hair loss and breakage.

Leave-In Treatments

While hair treatments will always do wonders for your hair, the real magic starts when you look after your hair between washes. We’re talking leave in treatments. Choose our ultimate combo of leave-in créme if you have thick/coarse hair or super nova elixir for fine/thinner hair that requires extra strengthening support all day long and will treat your hair whilst also protecting!

We know that hair loss and breakage can lead to reduced confidence and self-esteem, so tribe there’s no time to waste. Implement these tips, treat your hair to nourishing and protective hair care, and look after those locks from day to night and you will be living giving those locks life!

bhave xx

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