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Let your hair do the talking - protein overload vs. needing moisture.

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There’s no doubt that we’re big advocates for keratin, but like anything in life, you need to find your personal balance or else you reach a state of disaster. So could your protein-packed strands be causing more bad than good to your overall hair health?

Are you experiencing dry, dull, brittle misbehaving hair?

Are you finding yourself with progressively less hair on your head and more on your bathroom floor? Or perhaps the texture of your hair feels dryer than usual; despite the fact your beauty regime has remained the same. We’re often asked whether using products with “too much” keratin protein can be responsible for causing dry, brittle and lack lustre hair.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you might be joining the “dry side”, but if you know you’ve been on your best bhaviour and haven’t been acting as your own hair saboteur (via excessive colouring, highlighting, perming, heating etc), then you could be a victim of protein-overload. Simply put, if your hair breaks easily, has an unusually dry/brittle texture, and you have experienced heavy shedding - then you know something is up. On the other end of the spectrum, if your hair is stringy, limp or has an unwelcome droop to it, you could be in need of a protein treatment.

How to tell if you’re experiencing a lack of moisture or protein overload…

Understanding why you might be experiencing dull, dry and brittle hair will help you formulate a solution on your road to recovery. We are like one big protein shake, with both our hair and skin primarily made up of protein keratin. As a blanket rule, fine or damaged hair tends to require a little protein TLC, whereas coarse or thick hair is typically obliged to go without, due to a natural abundance of protein - in other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Bulking up naturally strong and protein-eske strands can cause your hair to become hard and straw-like #NotHairGoals.

It’s test time!

The proof is in the pudding, unless it’s in the hair! Take a strand of your hair, wet it and begin to gently stretch it. If it returns to its original length without breaking, you probably have a good moisture/protein balance. YAY! If not, you could be required to start boosting your hair’s protein levels, or the reverse.

Eat, sleep, fix, repeat - To moisturise or beef up with protein?

If the results have come back and you’re officially protein-positive, you may want to start thinking about pressing pause on products that contain protein, and start concentrating on moisture instead. If you have a fine or damaged tress, then protein will continue to be your go-to.

bhave KERATIN IS DIFFERENT: Our products tend to contain a good hit of our 100% natural bio-active keratin - this form of keratin will mimic the function of the protein our bodies’ naturally produce and respond to the demands of our requirements accordingly. E.g. If the keratin detects that the hair is protein deficient, it will form a shield on the surface of the hair to lock in moisture and protect it from damage, whereas if the hair has too much moisture the keratin will rebuild the proteins to restore strength and condition.

Our tip: products that contain aloe-vera work magic for hair suffering from protein overload. Aloe-vera soothes and balances and is a gentle, natural hydrating ingredient which restores pH levels.

bhave products containing aloe-vera:

♥ hydrator moisturising shampoo and conditioner 

♥ magnify volumising shampoo and conditioner

♥ bombshell blonde shampoo

♥ scalp shampoo    

♥ fresh ends

♥ super nova

Once you’ve taken measures to re-establish your hair’s protein equilibrium, and you’ve noticed a difference in the texture of your hair, you will slowly be able to reinstate protein products every now and then.

There’s a universal understanding amongst most “hairgicians”, and it’s really quite simple. Listen to your hair and adjust your groove accordingly. Your hair’s behaviour constantly evolves depending on products, weather and seasons so observe it carefully before making any drastic decisions! Ultimately you’re in charge, go forth and OWN those aminos! It’s Your hair, your life, your rules!

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