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Hair That bhave's Day to Night!

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Clocking off work and planning to meet the ladies in 30, but instead of jumping in that Uber to try and make it for happy hour, you find yourself battling with your hair in the confines of the office toilet cubicle… sound familiar to anyone? We’ve all been there, and tribe we’re here to tell you that you can make it for happy hour and avoid that dreaded cubicle altogether!

This week we’re bringing you our favourite day-to-night hairstyles, so when you’re short on space or time, turn to these beauties and you are good to go!

Wavy Baby

Loose waves are our got to look and trust us tribe we’ll get those waves lasting all day and all night! With waves, movement and “perfect” imperfection is your friend, so if your locks get a little messy during the day don’t go into panic mode because this is not a deal breaker for your evening plans.

The world really is your oyster with waves. Imagine a loose tonged look for day time, and a simple twist and pin for a perfect up-style for the evening. Like it a little more casual? Go for a half-up half-down style that still gives movement to those gorgeous waves or a braid or bun to pull half of your mane back to show off those gorgeous eyes on your night out! Or let’s go even simpler… add an accessory and your look has transformed in seconds! Still too complex? How about just a scrunch and tousle and you’re done? All you need is a little prep and those waves will be slaying all day long.

Start by washing your hair with bhave shampoo and conditioner to give your locks a healthy boost of body and nourishment. Once hair is towel-dried go in with a combo of leave-in creme and volumising foam to give your locks extra conditioning and bombshell volume.  

 image via pinterest

Create loose waves with a wide tong, and finish styling with a few pumps of gunpowder dust at your roots to give them an instant boost. Gunpowder dust is also perfect for a quick evening touch up (if you even need one) and with a small pump of riot control oil, to add shine and eliminate any frizz that way have come about during the day, you are ready to go out!

Sleek and on Fleek

Sleek locks can rock it day and night, no invite necessary! Whether it’s a super slick down style, a sleek pony start to finish, or adding a voluminous pony to your slicked back look, your hair will be ready and glammed up for anything the day or night holds.

For super slick and shiny tresses start your look by applying riot control oil to your ends and work up towards the mid lengths. Brush through with a vent brush to distribute evenly and then go over your locks with a hair straightener to create a smooth and frizz free mane.

To add a pony simply bring your strands together with the help of your vent brush after straightening. Once secured with an elastic go over your pony with a hair straightener and using bhave sleek pomade smooth down any baby hairs and flyaways - it’s that easy!

image via pinterest

If a voluminous pony is more your fancy, prep your hair with a combo of supernova leave-in elixir and volumising foam or add a few pumps of gunpowder dust to your pony with a few scrunches your voluminous pony is complete. Apply riot control oil to add enviable shine and then start slicking it back. Once secure in a pony, go in on that tail with your tongs. If needed you can reactivate the body and volume in your pony with gunpowder throughout the day!

image via pinterest

Braidy Lady

Braids are yet another full proof look that we keep mentioning over and over again… we can’t get enough of them! They are work appropriate, style approved, weather and sweat tried-and-tested, and best of all require little to no maintenance.

Read our recent blog post on braids to discover some of our favourite braided looks!

image via pinterest

Date night, girls night, dinner or event, these go-to styles have you covered sunrise to sunset!

bhave xx

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